Making the connections to stop gun violence

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On Saturday, March 24, hundreds of thousands of people will gather in Washington, D.C. and cities across the country for the March for Our Lives. The demonstration, inspired by the courageous response of students in Parkland, Florida, after the February 14 school massacre, will be a historic protest against gun violence and the stranglehold that a hard right-wing minority of gun fundamentalists have over our political system.

Socialists have historically been skeptical of policies that fall under the category of “gun control” because they have been geared toward criminalizing and profiling Black and Brown people–along with those suffering from mental illness–while ignoring domestic violence, militarism, poverty and other issues that lie at the root of most violent crime.

But one of the most encouraging aspects of this new protest movement is that students are pushing the gun discussion beyond its previous narrow focus and connecting it to broader issues of inequality and injustice. That process is being led in many places by Black students, who are both standing in solidarity with Parkland and demanding that racism be understood as central to the issue of gun violence.

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