Mission Statement

As of early 2015 the “mission statement” and FAQ is now in the form of:


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3 Responses to Mission Statement

  1. Philip says:

    How do you guys define capitalism? If you would say that our current private economic system is an accurate representation of capitalism, then I would most certainly agree that “capitalism” is not compatible with anarchism. But I think that anarchism need not exist solely in terms of collectives, but also through voluntary exchanges in free markets. As a voluntaryist and a transhumanist, I don’t really see any huge contradiction between voluntary interactions and the development of transhumanist ideals. Market interactions and forces have helped set the stage for current technologies that will lead towards a post human future, so I don’t see we why we must restrict ourselves to only one mode of economic function. I am hardly against collectives and communes and I think that technology like 3D printing and desktop manufacturing will destroy large centralized business es. But I don’t think eliminating certain market interactions through force is the fastest or most efficient way to achieve a transhumanist future.

    • Nekosite says:

      You took the words right out of my brain. Free Market Anarchism paves the way for Adhocracies flourish. I am hardly against collectives myself and would love to see groups of hive minds pop up in the near future streaming from a sense of neo-tribalism in this data saturated world but the individuals should be allowed to grow as well if the so choose. The total abolishment of private property and enterprise is the death of liberty.

      • Sanket says:

        The institution of private property is a bedrock of current society. However, there is nothing fundamental in it. It is possible that the current intelligence levels of humanity makes private property indispensable. But there is no reason why transhumans need private property for liberty.


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