Talk Nation Radio: Dave Webb on Keeping Weapons and Nuclear Power Out of Space

Written by davidswanson Tag: Peace and War, Talk Nation Radio Dave Webb is a member of the World Beyond War Coordinating Committee and chair of the UK Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND), and well as Vice President of the International Peace Bureau (IPB) and the Convenor of the Global … Continue reading

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Technological Unemployment and the Search for Meaning: Should we retreat from reality?

By John Danaher One of the slides from my talk showing various books on the topic of technological unemployment [Note: what follows is, roughly, the text of a keynote talk that I delivered at the W-Jax conference in Munich on the 8th November 2016 — an evening that will now … Continue reading

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5 Things to Do About ISIS, or Can an American Without a Gun “Do Something”?

By davidswanson – Posted on 18 November 2015 Toward the end of altering our idea of what counts as “doing something,” I offer this composite representation of numerous media interviews I’ve done. Interviewer: So you’d stop the planes and the drones and the bombs and the special forces. You’ve said … Continue reading

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Gaza Is a Transhumanist Issue!

By Summerspeaker Transhumanists as a rule may prefer to contemplate implants and genetic engineering, but few if any violations of morphological freedom exceed being torn to pieces by shrapnel or dashed against concrete by an overpressure wave. In this piece I argue that the settler-colonial violence in occupied Palestine relates … Continue reading

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